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A Crisis Core Scrapbook Zine

A "scrapbook" style charity zine themed after the events and characters of Crisis Core! This zine is a 170+ page SFW fanbook set "in universe". Cover artwork by Crimson Sun.Status:
» Physical orders closed, digital preorders still open!

We have relocated Production Updates to their own page, and added a sign-up for email notifications as we progress.

Schedule (subject to change):
» Interest Check:
Jan 22, 2021 - Feb 05, 2021
» Title, guest selection, charity poll:
February 2021
» Mod Applications:
Feb 15, 2021 - Feb 26, 2021
» Contributor Applications:
March 19, 2021 - April 26, 2021
» Check Ins:
June 27, July 25, August 29
» Final Submissions:
September 12, 2021
Submissions will be collected using Google Drive, so a Google account will be required to submit your files.
» Physical Preorders:
Open January 14 - February 28, 2022!
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» Book Production:
August 2023 Update, physical test print is in-hand and under review.

Writers: ~16
Cosplayers: ~5
Artists: ~40
Guest Contributors: ~18
Page Count: ~200

A "scrapbook" style book themed around Crisis Core, with the through-line of Zack Fair's life and death.
This scrapbook will cover the events leading up to and through the end of Crisis Core. Content for other characters from and events connected to or in the vicinity of Crisis Core, including things that Zack would not have access to such as research notes, baby and family photos of other characters, and personnel files are allowed!We will limit pitches that venture a little far from the major themes and cast of Crisis Core, but won't exclude content outside of that scope entirely. Please note that content surrounding the Turks will be limited, as two other Turks-focused zines have either recently completed or are beginning production at this time, and we want to be able to highlight some of the other characters that we see less often.Below we've included a sample page from Guile, our layout mod, to illustrate the format.

A sample page showing the style of a scrapbook to demonstrate the zine's visuals.

The Team

Head Mod (Retired)
Cosplay, Layout, and Social Media Mod (Retired)
August/Shin - He/Him
Hey! I'm August and I am thrilled to bring to life one of my favorite games. Square Enix owns my soul and wallet, and this will be the fourth Final Fantasy zine I have worked on as both a contributor and moderator. I will be overseeing this project and running all of the social media correspondence! Crisis Core and Zack Fair mean a lot to me (and many others) so I am excited to give this incredible game the love it deserves.

Finance Mod
Emil - He/Him
Howdy howdy howdy, I'm Emil. I've been working in event management and presentation since 2008, including running anything from a writing prompt challenge to an entire anime convention. I started getting into zines in 2019, and this will be my fourth project in a leadership role. If there's a leadership hat, I've probably worn it. Crisis Core has been sitting in my Top 5 favorite games of all time since it hit the West in '08, and I've always felt a really special connection to Cissnei.

Lead Layout Mod
Guile - He/Him
Hey, Guile here. I'm still pretty new to the zine scene, having only been a co-lead on the FF7 Trans Zine project as the Graphics and Layout mod, but I've been hanging around fandom communities for an embarrassingly long time. My experience is everywhere from staffing anime conventions to helping get newspapers to print, so while my title says Layout, you'll see my sticky paw prints on just about everything.Final Fantasy 7 was my everything as a baby nerd. That really hasn't changed. Catch me inhaling that deep lore every day of the week.

Lead Writing Mod
Mary Woodard - She/Her or He/Him
Hi, I'm Mary. She/her or he/him. This is my fourth time being a Writing Mod and sixth zine overall. Crisis Core was my introduction to Final Fantasy VII and it shows, and I would sell my soul to Square Enix for a rerelease. Every character is perfect but I have a soft spot for Angeal and Cissnei.I tend to write a lot about the intersection of queer issues and neurodivergence/mental health. I also literally walked out of an advanced writing class for being told I wouldn't be allowed to write Sci-fi/Fantasy and have never regretted it.

Art and Discord Mod (Retired)
Ben - He/Him
I'm Ben, and boy oh boy do I get involved in too many zines. I'm about to finish getting my degree in comics and have done a ton of large collaborative art projects over the years. Obtained Final Fantasy fan status via being a Kingdom Hearts nerd. Whoops!

Lead Merch and Graphics Mod (Retired)
Karo - They/Them
Eyyo this is Karo! I've participated in several Zines and Bangs before, but this will be my first time helping behind the scenes as a merch mod. In past Zines, you could find my work made into all sorts of different media, and I am very excited to be able to apply my knowledge here.I've been around the FF7 space since I was a wee little thing, and Crisis Core was my very first FF7 game of the franchise. It holds a very special place in my heart, and to be completely honest, my psp only existed to play Crisis Core. That was it! You can usually catch me drawing or writing down future illustration ideas.

Graphics Mod
Aru - They/Them
Heeeeyyy I'm Aru! I started getting into zines and big bangs in 2020 but this is my first time as a mod. I've been into FFVII since I was a kid and I got a PSP specifically for Crisis Core so I could hold Sephiroth's face in my hands.I'm a comic artist working on scifi stuff but being part of the FFVII Trans Zine has given me the perfect excuse to indulge in FFVII fan art - drawing scenes that fill in the blanks between the canon moments. I may have a weakness for bad guys who need hugs so naturally I gravitate towards Sephiroth and Genesis.

Discord Mod
Kefka - They/Them
Hey, I’m Kefka, and it’s my first time joining a zine! I am thrilled to join as a Discord Moderator and work with this amazing team!I teach English in France, and also work with various projects in schools – from cosplay making to DnD writing -. I occasionally am a singer, embroiderer, and I am a discord moderator for other artists online. I’ve also had the pleasure to work on the first edition of an online convention in 2020.Final Fantasy owns my life! I think Final Fantasy VII is the first video game I’ve ever seen, and still my favorite to this day. I have played/watched the entire compilation, but Crisis Core has a special place in my heart: all these feels, all these amazing characters!
I cannot wait to see the zine come to life!

Art Mod
Kayakat - She/Her
Hi hi, I’m Kaya, I’ll be the resident intern mod, which means I’ll help out wherever I can and do whatever I can, yay! I’ve been a part of several zines as an artist, and zines have always been a special project to me where you meet some incredible people so I’m super excited to be on the mod team of this one! I may not have much experience modding a zine but I promise I’ll make up for that with hard work and determination!In my free time I'd like to think of myself as an artist and comic artist and you can usually find me either drawing or playing video games while ignoring the world around me. I’ve been a huge FF7 fangirl since it first came out and that has and will never change. The story and characters of the franchise stuck with me and have a special place in my heart, and well... CC was the only reason I bought a PSP and I have so many fond memories playing it.